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Investment Management

Investment Management

A central component of any financial plan includes a long-term investment strategy that will help you accumulate the capital for meeting your goals.

A good plan involves more than just picking the right investments. The key to any investment strategy is to consider your current financial situation, tolerance for risk and your financial goals.

We have helped hundreds of clients develop an investment strategy unique to their specific situation.

A key component of an investment strategy is to allocate investments among different asset classes: equities, fixed income, commodities, real estate and cash. Once an allocation is determined the plan should focus on achieving diversification within each investment class.

Studies have shown that the investment allocation can have a greater impact on the results than the specific investment choice within in asset class.

Using a professional to manage your investments provides assistance with choosing the allocation and investments, monitoring the investments to make changes when appropriate, reporting on how the investments have performed and providing advice on what to expect in the future.

Our goal is to assist and educate our clients regarding the investment process and provide peace of mind regarding investment strategy regardless of financial resources or the stage of life the client is in.

We use Charles Schwab as the custodian to hold all investments. We recommend only no-load mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) to accomplish your personalized asset allocation in the different asset classes.

Our management fee is based on the value of the investments being managed, therefore, none of our recommendations are commission driven.

We do not accept commissions, nor do we recommend load (front-load or deferred load) mutual funds and we do not have “hidden” fees such as those that are in annuities.

Also, due to our tax knowledge we will be able to avoid the five most common mistakes made when not considering taxes in the investment management process:

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