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June 2024

The sale of you personal residence and the home sale exclusion are just two of the topics we highlight in our June newsletter .  Also, a reminder to review your retirement plan beneficiaries.  Your will does not control the beneficiary of retirement and life insurance types of accounts but rather the beneficiary(s) listed on those specific accounts! 

April 2024

Our April newsletter  discusses the benefits of having a Health Savings Account (HSA) as well as the preferential taxation of capital gains from the sale or exchange of a capital asset.

January 2024

The January newsletter provides information on the increased contribution limits for 2024 retirement plans.  We also discuss the danger of accepting a lump-sum payment from Social Security Admin.  This lump-sum payment is offered to you as an up-front payout equal to as much as six months of your benefits, but this will in-turn reduce your monthly benefit and decrease annual inflation increases for the rest of your life!!!!!  

Sept 2023

The Sept newsletter highlights the taxation of Social Security benefits and how it could effect those with other sources of income.  The Bank of Apple has launched a new Savings account that offers an impressive interest rate!  We also provide an update on the Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application revision that is currently in the works.  The FAFSA will be delayed this year, it will not be available until December 2023.  The five-year rule on Roth IRAs is a bit confusing, we break down the rules for you in the Sept newsletter.

June 2023

Our June newsletter highlights a new scam to be aware of! Be sure to read the article on how Student Loans can reduce your Social Security benefits and a marijuana user’s guide to buying life insurance.  Earning interest income is back with CD rates at more than 5% and taxable money market funds (liquid within one-day) currently earning 4.91% at Charles Schwab.  White & Company Financial Planning Inc can invest your funds into the stock market, CD or in a taxable money market fund.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at (509)837-6700.

April 2023

The April newsletter discusses topics such as where mortgage rates are headed, things to know when buying insurance and the Secure Act 2.0 affecting your retirement!

Jan 2023

Our January newsletter provides some information on the benefits of a Roth Conversion and Roth IRAs vs. Roth 401(k)s.  We highlight some retirement plan changes in the Secure Act 2.0, the $1.7 trillion spending bill!   There are some changes that could affect your 2022 taxes, some taxpayers may receive significantly smaller refunds compared with previous tax years due to changes in the Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Credit and the Child and Dependent Care Credit.

Sept 2022

The Sept newsletter highlights the two time test requirements for real estate professionals (the IRS definition) to beat the passive-activity loss rules to fully deduct their rental loss on their income tax return.   As well as passive activity loss rules for real estate non-pros who actively participate in a rental that can take a loss.  Medicare versus Medicare Advantage, there are some important disadvantages to Medicare Advantage that we would like to bring to our readers’ attention!  With open enrollment coming up in mid-October, this article explains some of the differences in the plans available as well as the supplemental Medigap plans.  The Inflation Reduction Act is a tax provision that will probably increase inflation!  Our article on this Act gives some examples on tax credits available through the next several years.   We also discuss the risks of trading stocks using margin, this type of trading is for the sophisticated investor as it is risky!

June 2022

Our June newsletter provides information for those changing jobs or moving on from your current employer, to consider a 401(k) rollover.  Don’t skip out on completing the FAFSA, you may miss out on college aid!  Also, beware as debt collectors are now on social media!  The debt collectors can contact you, but they must not hide their identity.

April 2022

The April newsletter edition dives into buying life insurance and how much you should save for retirement.  We discuss retirement contributions and a Self-Employed Retirement 401(k) Plan available for a business owner with no employees.  The Plan can be set up for tax-deductible contributions (traditional IRA) or for after-tax contributions (Roth).

Also, Professional LLC members who do not pay self-employment taxes are on the IRS’s radar!

January 2022

Our January Newsletter gives a few tips on how to save one or more million dollars.  We also highlight the standard mileage rates for 2022 and the IRS’s backlog on processing tax returns and Unemployment Exclusion Refunds checks for 2020.   The newsletter includes important payroll and tax due dates for 2022 that you need to know!

June 2021

WA State’s new Long-Term Care Act goes into effect January 1, 2022.  Our June Newsletter discusses your one opportunity to opt-out!!  Also highlighted in this newsletter is WA State’s new excise tax on capital gains in excess of $250,000, college debit cards and fees, and the top six reasons to rollover your 401(k) to an IRA.

Selling your timeshare?  Losses from the sale of timeshares held for personal use are non-deductible!  Different tax rules apply to sales of timeshares held as a rental or mixed use.  Please give us a call at (509)837-6700 if you’d like additional information on any of these topics!

April 2021

The 2020 tax filing season has once again been extended to May 17, 2021 for individual income tax returns and IRA and HSA contributions deducted on your 2020 tax return.   Our April Newsletter highlights the important due dates for 2021 and the new standard mileage rate.   You may also find it interesting to know where the $1,400 stimulus checks were spent and a few easy ways to save more for your retirement.  Online romance scams are increasing……….find out how to avoid this from happening to you in this quarter’s newsletter!

January 2021

Learn more in the January Newsletter about long-term care insurance, money mistakes that could put your retirement in jeopardy, stimulus checks & unemployment income along with college scholarships and grants.  We also discuss topics such as not expecting a tax break for working from home and the adverse market refinance fee!!

September 2020

Our September Newsletter advises that free credit reports are available weekly until April 2021 at annualcreditreport.com.  Working from home expenses that are probably not tax deductible, low interest rates & student loans, and companies reducing or ending 401(k) matches due to serious financial losses related to the Coronavirus pandemic are also topics we discuss!

June 2020

The June Newsletter highlights ways grandparents can help fund college the right way for their grandchildren.  The Secure Act created a penalty-free exception for new parents, read the article on page 2.  Are you retired at RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) age and making estimated tax payments?  If so, our article on page 3 will touch on how to keep the cash in your IRA for most of the year and avoid making estimated payments!  Note: RMDs have been waived by the CARES Act for 2020.

April 2020

Subsequent to the printing of the April Newsletter, the IRS has also extended the 2nd estimated tax payment due date to July 15, 2020 (not June 15).  Please see the list of important due dates for income tax returns and payments as many have been extended due to COVID-19.  Inside this newsletter we discuss items that might cause your homeowner’s insurance to increase and knowing your FICO score.  Getting rid of a timeshare and taxes on Social Security benefits are also topics you may want to read!

January 2020

Learn more about Inherited Roth IRA withdrawals, RMD changes, Student Loan scams and the important tax changes from The SECURE Act in our January Newsletter.

September 2019

In our September Newsletter, we cover a wide range of topics from Parent Plus Loans to Student Loan Debt Forgiveness, what to do if you receive a CP2000 notice from the IRS and used-car sales tactics.

June 2019

Our June Newsletter discusses if $1 Million is enough to retire, online banks vs. brick-and-mortar banks, your ex spouse applying for Social Security on your account and many other rule changes and scams!

April 2019

Student Loan Debt, Medicare High-Income Surcharge and the Age 55 Exemption are all topics we discuss in our April Newsletter.

January 2019

We discuss being aware of the Fixed-Index Annuity (FIA) in the January Newsletter, obtaining your free credit report, tax changes from the Tax Cut and Jobs Act and a new employee fringe benefit offered by some employers.

September 2018

In our September Newsletter we warn of unsolicited IRS calls, new Medicare card confusion, freezing vs. locking your credit and capital gains under the 2018 Tax Cut and Jobs Act.

June 2018

In our June Newsletter, we discuss reduced utility bills from The Tax Cut and Jobs Act, the benefits of a direct donation from your IRA and ways to increase your credit score.

April 2018

In our April Newsletter, we discuss tax traps for heirs of an Inherited IRA, Social Security benefits and working to age 70, a new scam of stealing credit card security codes and The Tax Cut and Jobs Act.

January 2018

In our January Newsletter, we discuss Bitcoins and Income Taxes, worst college majors and better alternatives, three student loan mistakes parents can make and military retirement-new system!

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